How to get a free diamonds


3 Best Ways To Get Free Fire Diamonds Without Spending Money In July 2021

Players in Garena Free Fire generally require diamonds to buy skins, costumes, and other cosmetics. In addition, they also need to use them to change their names or purchase the tier-based reward system, i.e., Elite Pass.

However, the problem that arises for most gamers is that diamonds aren’t free and have to be bought. For the majority of the community, spending money on a game doesn’t seem feasible. Due to this, players are constantly looking for methods for attaining diamonds without spending money.

Ways to obtain Free Fire diamonds for free

1) Events on Booyah

“BOOYAH!” is an application that Garena has created specifically for gaming content. It hosts various events in which players can participate to receive a wide range of rewards, including diamonds.

Previously, there have been specific events in which users had to upload a video clip, meeting the requirement. Typically, the best ones were rewarded. However, there aren’t any events of that kind running at the moment.



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