Pune Gold Rate

Checking the Pune gold rate today is very important. Because, The gold rate has been changed by each and every minutes.

Here, we provide you the exact gold rate today prices of 916 kdm gold in 22 Carat as well as 24 Carat.

These rates are legitimate and up-to-the-minute. Here you can check the rates of gold and silver at Pune in different form.

That are how much rate fixed today for 22 carat and 24 carat gold. We also published the rate of silver itself.

Pune Gold Rate:-

Date Pure Gold (22 k) Standard Gold (24 K)
1 grm 1 grm
31/August/2019 3765.00 4026.00
30/August/2019 3795.00 4056.00
29/August/2019 4026.00 3765.00
28/August/2019 3676.00 3854.00
27/August/2019 3676.00 3854.00
26/August/2019 3676.00 3854.00
25/August/2019 3596.00 3774.00
24/August/2019 3596.00 3774.00
23/August/2019 3577.00 3755.00
22/August/2019 3577.00 3755.00
21/August/2019 3577.00 3755.00
20/August/2019 3574.00 3604.00

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Pune Silver Rate:-

Date Ready Silver(1Kg)
31/August/2019 48500.00
30/August/2019 49160.00
29/August/2019 50000.00
28/August/2019 49164.00
27/August/2019 49164.00
26/August/2019 49164.00
25/August/2019 48177.00
24/August/2019 48177.00
23/August/2019 47842.00
22/August/2019 47842.00
21/August/2019 47842.00
20/August/2019 48200.00

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