2) Giveaways

Numerous YouTubers and Instagram pages hold giveaways. Upon winning one, content creators and pages generally top up the diamonds directly into the player’s account.

Participating in them has therefore emerged as an option of achieving the currency without spending any money.

3) Redeem codes

Using redeem codes is an excellent way for players to obtain free exclusive items. Developers release alphanumeric codes made up of 12 characters each. Players can redeem them at the “Rewards Redemption Site,” which can be accessed by clicking here.

Certain codes will even provide users with diamonds. Thus, players should always keep an eye out for the latest Free Fire codes.

Diamonds should never be obtained illicitly. For example, tools like Free Fire unlimited diamond generators are illegal and against the game’s anti-hack. The developers can permanently suspend the accounts of players if they are found guilty of using them.